On Saturday, 26th of October, 7 East Coast students graded for various black belt degrees under Master Robert Wheatley, the grading took place at 10 AM Saturday morning under a panel that included 3 Masters of Taekwondo, each student did their instructors extremely proud and performed to their best ability each earning the degree they applied for.

It was a special day all round but especially for the black tips, Jessica Bass, Jamielee Davies and Ian Kelly who became Black Belts for the first time. All three students performed exceptionally well and their Black Belts were well deserved.

Josh Quigley and Dave Bowman earned their Second Degree Black Belts, both impressive all round after months of hard work.

Rachel McDonnell got her 4th Degree Black Belt and also performed very well.

And of course one of our head instructors, Mr Chris McCabe, got his 6th Degree Black Belt after an exceptional performance which showed his students and onlookers his excellent ability in Taekwondo. A huge congratulations is needed for Mr McCabe on such a brilliant achievement.

Congrats to all 7 students on completing such an important part of their Taekwondo journey.

After the grading Master Wheatley held a seminar for all students of all grades and as usual it was a very enjoyable time and always brilliant to bring all clubs from ITF Eireann together.

Congratulations again to those students.

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