On the Sunday 1st of April 2012, East Coast Taekwondo took part in the 7th British Midlands Taekwondo Open event which consisted of patterns, sparring and power breaking. With a group of 21 competitors we managed to win an incredible 31 trophies!

Our lads and ladies did us proud as they battled against competitors from various areas in England, Wales and Scotland. After their outstanding display of Taekwondo all the competitors deserved to let their hair down so the next day we had a memorable day in Alton Towers. With all persons chilling out on our ferry on the way back to Dublin and Wicklow each recalling and chatting about the weekend that was.

Again another truly great weekend! We would like to thank the following: The organizing skills of Susan, the brilliant and funny Mick the bus driver, the gentleman that is Master Harry and also the lads in Derby, the Scion group from Cork and their friendliness, and most of all the students and supporters for their commitment and dedication.

Well done, see you again for 2013!

Chris Mc Cabe

Some photos of the guys having fun in Alton Towers after the Derby competition.

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