On Tuesday 22nd November, East Coast TKD along with ITF Eireann travelled to Rome, Italy to compete in the ITF World Championships.  This was a 4 day event beginning on Thursday 24th July and ending on Sunday 27th July.

Mr McCabe entered the Senior Welterweight (-70 kgs) with a group of 12 very capable fighters.  With the Senior Section being for 36yrs & Over, Mr McCabe, at 46, is sparring fighters sometimes 10 years his junior.   He sparred in 2×2 minute rounds against two exceptionally tough fighters to enter the final in which he fought a man from Argentina, the country who for the most part dominated the World Championships with their skill showing in all aspects of ITF Taekwondo.

After 2×2 minutes of battling, East Coast’s own Mr Chris McCabe was named the victor and was also named World Senior ITF World Champion.

After also becoming Senior ITF European Champion the year before this makes him a current double title holder entering the European Championships next year.

We are very proud to call him one of our Head Instructors and are looking forward to see what the future holds.


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