On Saturday the 30th June students from the East Coast Ireland Taekwon do schools participated in an I.T.F./Eireann black belt grading. Master Wheatly introduced himself and then with the assistance of Mr.Corkery he gave acknowledgement to all the panel and other senior black belts that were in attendance.
The panel of examiners led by Master Robert Wheatly were Master O’Neill, Mr.Oars, Mr.McCabe and Mr.O’Brien.
He also announced the promotion of Mr Henry O’ Neill to 7th Degree Master, after his test in Paris, France the previous week, this was a proud moment for Master O’Neill who has trained along time and worked hard in Taekwon do over the years.
Nervously and anxious the students lined up and after Master Wheatly spoke and reassured the students that they had trained long and hard over the last few years to bring themselves up to the required level of I.T.F. Taekwon do and that he had a belief in their instrutors great standard in teaching them the art of Taekwon do,this acknowledgement assisted in relaxing them into the task ahead.
After a general warm up and stretching exercises all students were split into groups, and called up accordingly.

Master Wheatly emphasised how the art or way played an important part of their day to day aspect of their training programmes.

After going through an exhaustive and exhilaratingly focused amount of patterns, all patterns were performed and executed well.
Master Wheatly corrected certain stances and went through a few of the similar stances and told students that in his seminar later he would go into the more advanced technical details of foot positioning of the sogi.
After a lot of technical kicking and followed by testing of combination of blocking, punching and striking, the students finished of with some power breaking.

Master Wheatly and the panel applauded the students at the end of the day for their effort and ability in their fine endeavours to reach such a high standard and awarded them their black belts.

The panel awarded Ms.Clare Harney with a high past shared by two other I.T.F. Eireann students on the day.

Master Wheatley also said that it was great working with all the instructors and students off I.T.F. Eireann in which he is lucky and privileged to be the president.

Later that day Master Wheatly conducted a seminar for coloured and black belts followed by a 4th Degree and above seminar.

The successful East Coast students were:

Awarded 3rd Degree.
Mark Connolly.

Awarded 2nd Degree.
Emmet Burke.
Alex Connolly.
Shannon Kearney.
Patrick Kearney.

Awarded 1st Degree.
Clare Harney.
John Carey.

Chris McCabe

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